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EUROS Player of the year 2018/19 season.
Whilst in the depths of a brewery in Mainz, the €uros held the vote for player of the season. The organisation of this vote was much better than the usual metaphor for organising anything in a brewery would otherwise suggest.

With all votes cast and tension mounting, the top three were announced in reverse order as follows:

1. Craig Beresford
2. Richard Wilmott
3. Ross Dunbar

The debutant tour player picked up a deserved award in recognition of his tireless running and improved positional sense and passing following the change from striker to midfielder. A quickly scribbled voucher on a beermat to be redeemed for an award at club sponsor PlasteXe was handed over!

In second was the perpetual bridesmaid Richie (fifth year running) and in third there is a notable mention in dispatches for the veteran bad-mouthed Manc with the posh Scottish name, Ross.
Craig Beresford
The EUROS at fifty.
Who would have thought that back in the late 60s when some research students started playing midweek games on the new gravel pitch that 50 years later the team would still be going strong. The end of the 2018/19 season marks some outstanding landmarks in the EUROS history. It’s 50 years since it all started, It’s 20 years since the EUROS first went away on tour into Europe and at the end of this season the EUROS will be playing their 1000th match.

The EUROS on tour.
On 28th March 2019 the EUROS will embark on their eagerly awaited 50th year anniversary tour to Mainz in Germany. The twenty plus tour party will be spending 3 nights in Mainz and playing two matches as well as hoping to attend a professional game whilst there. Our local contact in Mainz is keen to introduce us to their local craft beers.

Mainz, Germany.